Books read – May

Ok so it’s a bit late but here are the books I read last month…

– A modest proposal by Jonathan Swift

– The body in the library by Agatha Christie

– Motley Crue: The Dirt – Confessions of the world’s most notorious rock band

– Random acts of kindness: 365 ways of making the world a nicer place by Danny Wallace and his Karma Army

I read A modest proposal on DailyLit which I think is the reason it didn’t really make an impression… It’s a very short read and the concept is humorous but I just didn’t care for it. I guess it might be like Emily says and I need to feel the pages of a book between my fingers to enjoy it.

The next book I read was sort of an emergency book as I was stuck in Athens for a few days without a book. Obviously I could have bought one but I have a lot of unread books at home and I am trying to cut back on expenses (an experiment that’s failing miserably by the way…) Anyway, a friend lend me The body in the library and it was quite good. I enjoyed every Agatha Christie book I’ve read so far and this was no exception. It’s a classic mystery book. This one features Miss Marple who is very likable but I think I prefer Hercule Poirot because he is more quirky!

Reading Motley Crue: The dirt was um, a memorable experience! This book is gross, funny, shocking, disturbing, larger than life, sad, disgusting, ridiculous… It is a very easy book to read, it is quite long but obviously the people who wrote it are not very ‘wordy’. Also every other page there is another unbelievable story involving alcohol, drugs, sex, music or a combo of these which keeps the reader interested! I liked how each chapter is written by a different band member, many times you get to see their different views of the same situation. I especially enjoyed the chapter with their ‘dissertation’ on the way the music industry works, I thought it was surprisingly scientific!

Lastly, after reading Yes man I was eager to read more from Danny Wallace. The Random acts of kindness is not exactly a book, it is exactly what the title says: a list of 365 kind actions each and every one of us can do to make a change in the world. Apparently, there is a whole army supporting this smart and fun idea. How Danny made this happen is described in his book Join me: The true story of a man who started a cult by accident, which I have already ordered on amazon and is bound to be another hilarious and inspiring book. My favorite act of kindness is:

‘Wish an astronaut good luck. Write to: An Astronaut, NASA Headquarters, 300 E St. SW, Washington DC, USA’


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