New torture

So for reasons unknown I decided to try out a new exercise DVD. After my experience with the 30 day shred I was eager to see Jillian Michaels’ new DVDs. There’s two of them, one is called Banish fat, boost metabolism and the other one is No more trouble zones.

I am in Athens for the week and I don’t have my weights with me so I tried out the first one which is purely aerobic without the use of any equipment. Dear God it is excruciating! First of all it is twice as long as the shred and it’s not like she gives you any breaks. A lot of Jillian’s favorite exercises are still here, incidentally they are the most dreaded for me, like jumping jacks, mountain climbers etc. This DVD is less focused on the upper body, but it might be that my arms and shoulders got stronger with the shred so I found this one easier in that respect. However, it totally beats the shred’s butt -and mine- with all the jumps! A whole lot of explosive movements, even more than level 3 on the 30 day shred, sent my heartbeat through the roof and made my legs shake afterwards.

All in all, I found Banish fat, boost metabolism harder than the shred.ย If you thought Jillian was mean in the shred she is absolutely vicious now! And the worst thing is that she is purely aware of the torture she puts you in and at some point she says ‘You should be wishing for death right now’ which was pretty close to what I was feeling! But she does manage to get me to try harder, I actually bashed my elbow on my leg during the knee crunches!

I’ll stick with this new DVD and I will try out the other one too so hopefully I’ll hit the beach with a slightly lower bodyย fat percentage!


2 thoughts on “New torture

  1. Michelle says:

    I'm impressed with your commitment to those videos. I would have turned it off and gone and had a candy bar to make myself feel better. I have to go to classes where there is a real instructor pushing me and making me do that last set.

  2. Maria says:

    I think the secret is to keep thinking of your goal. Whether it is to lower your cholesterol or to be able to run in your bikini it truly keeps you going. I'm nowhere near mine yet but statistically it's bound to happen eventually!
    Oh and Jillian's no-nonsense attitude really helps. Fear is a great motivator and she one scary trainer!
    PS The reward-yourself-with-a-candy-bar method is one I often use too! ๐Ÿ˜€

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