Yes Man by Danny Wallace

I loved this book! Light, cheery and fun! And kind of inspiring… Definitely made me want to be more positive and say yes to opportunities instead of staying home, watching tv and eating take-out!

It is sort of amazing how one word transformed Danny’s life. A small change in his attitude towards life took him to exotic places, introduced him to new people and interesting ideas and even helped him find love! The book has many funny moments because Yes might have been ultimately beneficial but it did sometimes land Danny in peculiar situations. He tried psychotropic drugs in Amsterdam, got a haircut which included a mullet, had to see a gazillion crazy shows on a single night… and I was laughing so hard the person sitting next to me at the airport waiting area looked at me like I was insane! (I would have explained I am not mental but he got up and sat away from me)

I think it is an inspiring philosophy to have, not necessarily taking it to the extremes Danny did, but I am definitely going to try and Say Yes More! After all, people say that if you put negative thoughts out in the universe you are sort of attracting negative energy. Naturally this is the kind of this I would mock incessantly but that would go against my new, more positive attitude…

This time I have lots of quotes for you:

Made me realise how much I miss life in a big city:

‘It was, until that moment, just another day working in the West End, followed by just another dash to the tube station, in what was just another hopeless attempt to beat the rush hour and get home without spending an hour on a crowded train with my cheeks pressed up against a stranger’s nipples, receiving severe paper cuts every time they turned a page of their book.’

‘And for another, I’d been in enough taxis to know that driving in London takes a special sort of skill. And a handgun in the glove compartment.’

Loved Danny’s attitude towards his job and debt:

‘… and wondered whether today would be the day I’d pop into BBC Broadcasting House and try and get some work done. I decided it probably wouldn’t.’

‘So I did what any man sinking slowly into debt would do. I shoved the bills into a drawer and went out instead.’

Typical guy saying:

‘You said no to a girl, and then no to a pint! You haven’t just broken the Yes Manifesto! You’ve virtually broken the law!’

Interesting perspective:

‘Somewhere, and somehow, and sometime, someone has shared our experience, without us even knowing.’

On saying Yes:

‘The first Yes you say is a little like pushing over that first domino that sets you off on your own personal adventure, in your own personal direction, with your own personal set of Yeses, all unique to you.’


2 thoughts on “Yes Man by Danny Wallace

  1. Emily says:

    I just watched the movie Yes Man, and I loved it! It inspired me in the same way. I was curious about the book, I'm glad you liked it! I'll have to pick up a copy! 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Ok I just finished watching the movie and I really liked it as well! It's very different from the book though. Actually there is an extra chapter in my edition about the movie and Danny says that it is not really his story, it's more the adventure of another guy who just said Yes!
    If you liked the movie you are definitely going to like the book!

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