February review – A list

This was the month I:

– stopped using shampoo… My curls have never looked better!

– was the only sober person at a dinner party. One of the guests was my mom.

– finally finished The hunchback of Notre Dame.

– had this conversation:

Random lady at family gathering: “So, do you have a boyfriend?”

Me: “No, I’m single.”

Random lady at family gathering: “Well, at least you have your health.”



2 thoughts on “February review – A list

  1. Michelle says:

    So do you not shampoo ever or do you do it sparingly? I've just started using it every other day instead of every day to try and give my hair a break. But I forget a lot and end up shampooing anyway out of habit (like this morning).

  2. Maria says:

    It all started when a friend sent me this link. I decided to try it out and started by limiting shampooing to 2 times a week, party because to do it less felt gross and because I had just bought a new bottle of shampoo. What sold the whole thing was this post with incredible before and after picks of people who are following this no-shampoo routine.
    I'm really happy with my hair now, it's very light and soft and the curls are so defined. People have actually commented on it!

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